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Privacy statement:

Zulutrips was created to make it accessible for people in developed counties to travel and experience life in developing countries, villages, rural areas, and small towns. If you need peace of mind from the bustling city life, we got you covered. Life is too short not to travel and experience the beauty our world provides to adventurous minds.
This privacy stamen describes in detail how Zulutrips process personal information that we collect through the Zulutrips Platform. Would you mind clicking on the links and reviewing the information on how we use your data?


Undefined terms are the same as in our Terms of Service (“Terms”).

2.1 Data required to utilize the Zulutrips Platform


When you use the Zulutrips Platform, we collect personal information about you. We may not be able to offer you all of the services you have requested without it. This data comprises the following:

Contact Information: Information about yourself, your account, and your profile. Your first and last names, phone number, postal address, email address, date of birth, and profile photo, to name a few, will all be determined by the services you utilize.
Verification of identity and payment information: For example, photographs of your government-issued ID (as permitted by applicable legislation), your ID number or other verification information, and information about your bank account or payment account.

2.2 Information you voluntarily provide to us.
You have the option of providing us with extra personal data. This data could include the following:

Other information on your profile, such as your gender, preferred language(s), and location. As indicated in your account preferences, some of this information will be displayed publicly on your public profile page.
Contact Info from the Address Book you Imported or manually entered.
Additional data we collect includes information you filled out on a form, updates you carried out on your profile, surveys you completed—also, post to community forums, the information you shared about your experience with us.

2.3 Data Collected Automatically Through the Zulutrips Platform and Our Payment Services.

We automatically collect personal information when you use the Zulutrips Platform and Payment Services. This data could include the following:

Location Information. Depending on your device settings, we can get your precise or estimated location using your IP address or your mobile device’s GPS. If you permit this through your settings or device permissions, we may gather this information even while you aren’t using the app.
Site usage information. All searches you make, bookings, pages you visited, contents you view, and other event activities on the Zulutrips website.
Device information and Data Log: Such as your IP address, access dates, and times. Hardware and software information, device event information, unique identifiers, crash data, cookie data, and the pages you viewed or engaged with before or after using the Zulutrips Platform (including if you clicked on links to third-party applications). IP address, access dates and times, hardware and software information, device information, device event information, unique identifiers, crash data, cookie data, and the pages you viewed or engaged with before or after using the Zulutrips Platform.
Your Payment Information. Such as the payment instrument used, the date and time of the transaction, the payment amount, the payment instrument expiration date and billing postcode, the PayPal email address, the IBAN information, your address, and other transaction details.

2.4 Information about you we collect from Third Parties.

We could collect personal information about you from other third parties sources such as:

Third-Party Services: If you link, connect, or log in to the Zulutrips Platform using a third-party service (e.g., Google, Facebook, Instagram); you authorize that service to send us information like your registration, friends list, and profile information as controlled by that service or as authorized by you via your privacy settings at that service.
Background Checks. To the extent permitted by relevant laws, we may collect reports from public records of criminal convictions or sex offender registrations for members residing in countries where such information is obtainable. We may obtain the local version of police, background, or registered sex offender checks for members outside of the United Kingdom and the United States, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and with your cooperation when required.
Product Invitations and Account Management for Enterprises. Personal information is collected from organizations that utilize our Enterprise solutions to help with account administration and invitations to use enterprise solutions.
Fellow travelers and Referrals. An accompanying traveler or a co-traveler who invited you on a trip or organized the trip could supply your personal information upon organizing the trip. Such personal information could be your names, telephone numbers, email address, and address.
Other information avenues. For example, an identity verification service provider may send us background check results or fraud warnings. To the extent authorized by relevant legislation, we may receive additional information about you from third-party service providers and partners, such as references, demographic data to help detect fraud.

  1. How we make use of the data we acquire.

Click here (Add hyperlink) to understand our information collection and processing regulation if you live outside the UK.

3.1 Develop, Provide and Improve the platform.
We collect personal information to:
allowing you to use the Zulutrips Platform and services to make and receive payments by listing your house for a short stay, providing other services, and booking holidays/trips.
You to use our business products.
Based on your interactions with the Zulutrips Platform, your searches and booking history, profile information, and other content may be used by us to tailor your experience and make the service more efficient for you on your next visit to our platform.
Information you provided on our site about your co-travelers may be used by us to facilitate your referral invitations, share your trip details, facilitate trip planning, detect and prevent fraud, and approve requests.
Send you messages, updates, security alerts, and account notifications.
Give customer assistance, provide analytics, debug and do research.
Make it possible for you to communicate with other members.

3.2 Establish and maintain a more trustworthy and secure environment.
We use the personal information we collect to:

Detect and prevent fraud, spam, misuse, security and safety incidents, and other potentially hazardous behavior,
Investigate and combat discrimination in accordance with our Non-discrimination Policy (Add hyperlink with our Non-discrimination Policy)
Carry out security audits and risk assessments,
Validate or authenticate the information you’ve supplied.
Carry out checks against databases and other sources of information, such as background or police checks,
Protect the health and well-being of our Guests, Hosts, Hosts’ staff, and members of the public by adhering to our legal requirements,
Resolving conflicts with our members,
Enforcing our agreements with others,
Abide with the law, respond to legal inquiries, avoid injury, and safeguard our rights
Ensure that our terms of service and other regulations and policies (e.g., Non-discrimination Policy).
We may undertake profiling based on your interactions with the Zulutrips Platform, your profile information and other content you submit to Zulutrips, and information received from third parties in connection with the activities listed above.
3.3 To provide, personalize, and improve marketing strategy, we may use our customers’ personal information to:
Send you promotional messages, marketing, advertising, and other information through social media platforms,
Enhance our advertising by personalizing them.
Zulutrips and or its third-party partners may organize or manage referral programs, incentives, surveys, sweepstakes, competitions, or other promotional activities or events,
Evaluate your preferences and attributes to send you promotional messages, marketing, advertising, and other material that we believe may be of interest to you, and,
Invite you to relevant events and opportunities.


4.1 Sharing with your permission.

Where permitted by law, we may use some information about you, such as your email address, to generate leads, increase traffic to Zulutrips, or otherwise promote our products and services by sharing it with social media platforms.

4.2 Collaborating members:
We may need to share some information to help support reservations or other interactions, such as:

Your profile, name, names of any additional guests, cancellation history, review information, age of guest (unless prohibited by applicable law), dispute outcome (if applicable), and other information you choose to share and submit, may be shared between Guest(s) and Host(s) when a booking request or dispute is submitted. When a reservation is confirmed, extra information such as a profile photo and phone number is provided to aid in planning the trip. When you have a confirmed booking, some information, such as your profile, complete name, phone number, and listing address, is shared with the Guest (and any additional Guests they invite, if appropriate) to help manage the booking.
When you invite another Member to host with you as a Host, you give that person permission to access and update your information and Member Content, which includes but is not limited to your full name, phone number, Accommodation address, calendar, listing information, Listing photos, and email address.
When you invite more Guests to a booking as a Guest, each new Guest will receive your complete name, trip dates, Host name, Listing details, Accommodation address, and other pertinent information.

4.3 Profiles, listings, and other public information that you publish.
You can make some information available to the general public, such as:

Your display profile, which could contain your picture, initials, description, and area of residence.
Listing pages featuring information such as approximated or precise location and description of the accommodation or experience, calendar availability, profile photos, aggregated demand information (such as page visits over time), and any other information you wish to offer.
Feedback, ratings, reviews are going to be shared with the public.

4.4 Providers of Host Services.

For example, cleaning services or lock providers may be used by hosts to assist manage or provide a quality service. Hosts can utilize Zulutrip Platform capabilities to exchange information about guests (such as check-in and check-out dates, guest name, and guest phone number) with third-party service providers.

4.5 Responding to legal requests, preventing harm, and defending our rights and the rights of our service users is important to us.
If and to the extent when required or summoned to do by law, we may disclose your information reasonably in compliance with legal obligations to provide valid lawful requests or respond to claims against us. We may also disclose your information to courts, law enforcement, governmental or public authorities, tax authorities, or authorized third parties when summoned or requested to do so.

Members may be informed about pending or active legal requests unless: (I) informing the party is prohibited by law or if it would jeopardise any investigation processes, or (II) We believe providing notice would be futile, ineffective, create a risk of injury or bodily harm to an individual or group, or create or increase a risk of fraud against or harm to Zulutrips, our members, or ex-members, or may obstruct justice.

We may share information about participating Hosts with the relevant authority, both during the application process and periodically thereafter, such as the Host’s full name and contact details, in jurisdictions where Zulutrips facilitates or requires a Host’s registration, notification, permit, or license application with a local governmental authority through Zulutrips in accordance with local law.

4.6 Managerial and Owner Programs.
To facilitate programmes with Building Management, we may share personal information of Hosts and Guests, such as booking information and information related to compliance with applicable laws, such as short-term rental laws, with landlords, management companies, and/or property owners (the “Building Management”). For example, to facilitate hosting services, compliance with applicable laws, security, billing, and other services, guests booking and personal information, including guest contact information, may be shared with the Building Management of the building, complex, or community where a host lives and/or the listing is located.

4.7 Host information provided to Zulutrips for work Customers.
Suppose a reservation is marked as business or employment and created by a quest who’s associated with a company. In that case, we may provide information about the booking to the Enterprise (e.g., name of the Host, Accommodation address, e.t.c.) if the Enterprise is engaged in Zulutrips for work, booking dates, listing information, and so on) to the degree necessary for Zulutrips’ contract with the Enterprise to be fulfilled and services to be provided. We may also share this information with third parties contracted by the Enterprise to offer support services at the request of the Enterprise or the Guest.